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SPRO ACUPICK IP Turret Cameras - Grey

  • Key Features

    • 4 / 8 megapixel
    • 2.8mm fixed lens
    • Up to 50m IR distance
    • Alarm: 1 in & 1 out
    • Microphone built-in
    • IP67 waterproof
    • Support up to 512GB micro SD card
    • DC12V/PoE
  • Special Features

    • AcuPick Technology
    • SMD 3.0
    • AI PRO
    • People counting
    • Face detection
    • Classification of human & vehicle
    • Abandoned object detection
    • Missing object detection
    • Video Metadata
  • Description:

    Elevate your surveillance with the ACUPICK IP Turret Camera with advanced video search technology. Using advanced algorithms you can reduce search time by up to 99%.


    Traditional CCTV systems often fall short of quickly pinpointing specific moments or targets in extensive footage. This limitation results in hours, sometimes days, of human labour dedicated to scanning through endless video streams. In critical situations, these delays can be the difference between resolving an issue promptly or letting it escalate. 


    These cameras come with AI Pro technology, up to 50 metres of IR night vision, and a 2.8mm lens, ensuring high-quality security monitoring.

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