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  • Key Features

    •  H.265 codec recording
    • Up to 24 megapixel live viewing & recording
    • Up to 320Mbps incoming bandwidth
    • HDMI (4K) & VGA output
    • No port forward required
    • Audio out (two-way-audio)
    • IMMIX compatible
    • Push notification
    • Fast smart search
    • Sport monitoring via local network
    • PTZ control with 3D smart area zoom
  • Special Features

    • ANPR
    • AI PRO
    • Perimeter Protection
    • SMD+
    • Face detection
    • Intrusion (human & vehicle classification)
    • Tripwire (human & vehicle classification)
    • Abandoned object detection
    • Missing object detection
  • Description

    The SPRO NVR 4K SERIES with 8 and 32 Channel, 24MP IP NVR is a powerful network video recorder designed to accommodate up to 8 (DHIPNVR08-4K-V2) or 32 (DHIPNVR32-4K-V4)  IP cameras.


    With a 24MP resolution capacity, it offers high-quality video recording and playback, ensuring you capture detailed footage.


    This NVR model is equipped with advanced features to bolster your surveillance system's capabilities and security.


    Its robust performance and reliability make it an ideal choice for comprehensive video surveillance solutions.

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