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Introducing Colour Night 2.0: Revolutionising Night-Time Security

In the world of security and surveillance, the introduction of SPRO's Colour Night 2.0 technology marks a significant leap forward.


This innovative technology blends the benefits of full-colour surveillance with smart illumination, offering an ideal solution for various settings, from retail stores to serene parks. 

Understanding the Technologies:

IR (Infrared), Starlight, Colour Night, and Colour Night 2.0 

Infrared (IR) Technology:

Key Features:

IR –only cameras provide reliable surveillance with black-and-white imagery under low or no light conditions. 

Best Suited For:

General surveillance needs. A cost-effective solution for night coverage where colour information at night is not critical. Widely used in domestic / small commercial environments. 

Starlight Technology:  

Key Features:

Starlight cameras excel in low-light environments. They can produce colour images in low light conditions where other cameras might switch to black-and-white. 

Best Suited For:

Environments with some ambient light, such as urban streets or lit car park, where maintaining colour details is crucial. 

Colour Night Technology: 

Key Features:

Colour Night, the predecessor of Colour Night 2.0, provides a 24/7 white light LED to maintain a colour image, significantly enhancing the quality of nighttime images. The visible LED also acts as a deterrent, signalling the presence of a security system to potential danger, this can prevent crime before it occurs as potential intruders know they are being monitored. 


Best Suited For:

Areas where the lighting condition is unsure or colour images at night are imperative. The LED light built in will stay on all night to ensure colour images are captured.  

Colour Night 2.0 Technology: 

Key Features:

Colour Night 2.0 technology intelligently combines IR (infrared) illumination with warm light activation. The camera primarily operates with IR illumination, providing clear, black-and-white images at night. However, upon detecting a target, the camera activates its warm light, recording full-colour videos of key events. Once the target exits the monitored area, the warm light turns off, reverting to IR illumination. This dynamic shift not only aids in capturing detailed colour images when necessary but also helps in reducing light pollution. 

Best Suited For:

Specially beneficial for areas requiring detailed colour recognition only during specific events, like residential areas, where constant white light may be a disturbance. 

Although both Infrared (IR) and starlight are sufficient for most applications at night, it is no doubt that Colour Night 2.0 technology from SPRO is the most advanced in nighttime surveillance currently. 


By adopting a smart algorithm to detect and illuminate targets only, when necessary, this technology ensures effective monitoring with a considerate approach towards environmental impact.

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