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Flame Detection: The Future of Fire Safety and Prevention in Modern Surveillance 

Flame Detection Technology in surveillance systems marks a significant leap in fire safety and prevention. The SPRO Flame Detection Cameras, a pioneering integration of CCTV surveillance and advanced flame detection, offer a robust solution to the perennial challenge of fire hazards in both domestic and commercial settings. 

Flame Detection

Real-time Fire Risk Identification for Enhanced Security.

SPRO CCTV - Flame Detection

The Innovative Edge of SPRO Flame Detection Cameras 

  1.  Dual Functionality:
    Unlike traditional thermal cameras, SPRO cameras serve as standard surveillance devices until they detect flames, offering both security and fire detection. 


  2. Seamless System Integration:
    These cameras integrate with existing fire and intruder alarm systems, enhancing overall property safety.


  3. Extensive Coverage Area:
    Covering 10x10 meters, they are ideal for monitoring large spaces like EV charging points and school kitchens 

Applications and Advantages 

  1. Diverse Usage:
    Suitable for monitoring EV chargers, e-bike batteries, rubbish bins, smoking areas, and unattended kitchens. 


  2. Superior to Thermal Cameras:
    Offering a clear 2-megapixel view, they are more versatile and cost-effective compared to basic thermal imaging cameras. 

SPRO CCTV - Flame Detection
SPRO CCTV - Flame Detection

Proactive Prevention:
A Shift in Fire Safety  

Moving from a reactive to a proactive approach in fire safety, these cameras are at the forefront of early fire detection. They empower property managers and homeowners alike to address potential fire hazards swiftly, mitigating the risk of damage.   

Advantages Over Traditional Thermal Cameras 

SPRO Flame Detection Cameras offer a clear, high-quality visual overview, like high-resolution CCTV cameras. This versatility and cost-effectiveness make them a superior choice over conventional thermal cameras, which only offer limited heat level visuals.  

Safety is paramount and embracing this innovative technology is a smart move for any property manager or homeowner. 

SPRO CCTV - Flame Detection notification

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