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Exploring Panotrack: Enhanced Surveillance with Panoramic and PTZ Features

SPRO's Panotrack combines panoramic viewing with precision-targeted observation, setting new benchmarks in monitoring.  


Surveillance with Unrivaled Panoramic Monitoring Capabilities.

SPRO CCTV - Panotrack Camera

Panoramic Views 

One of the most striking features of the Panotrack range is its panoramic monitoring capabilities. Available in both 180° and 360° models, Panotrack utilises multiple 2-megapixel lenses to provide sweeping, unobstructed views of expansive spaces.


This feature addresses a crucial need in modern surveillance: the ability to oversee large areas without the typical blind spots associated with conventional CCTV cameras. 

Precision Targeting with PTZ Camera 

Enhancing the panoramic view is a 4-megapixel PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera. This camera, positioned beneath the array of panoramic lenses, offers a staggering 25x optical zoom.


It activates when the panoramic lenses detect an object that has triggered its tripwire or intrusion zones, the PTZ camera will then follow the target whilst the panoramic lenses are still recording and viewing the surroundings, allowing for detailed observation.  ​

SPRO CCTV - Panotrack track feature
SPRO CCTV - Starlight Technology

Stellar Performance in
Low Light Conditions 

A standout feature of Panotrack is its exceptional performance in low-light scenarios, thanks to the built-in Starlight technology. This technology ensures that the camera maintains high-quality images as ambient light levels drop.


In complete darkness, a laser illuminator, effective up to 100 metres, takes over, adjusting its intensity to prevent overexposure or loss of detail in shadows. 

Customisable Surveillance Options 

With 300 presets, 8 tours, and 5 patterns, the Panotrack allows users to tailor their surveillance to specific needs and preferences. This level of customisation ensures that every crucial area is monitored effectively. 

SPRO CCTV - Panotrack 25x zoom

Robust Storage, Alert Systems and Durability 

The Panotrack features: 

  • Support up to 512GB microSD card for ample storage.

  • Microphone & Speaker built in for 2 way audio.  

  • An IP67 waterproof rating, ensuring its effectiveness in various weather conditions. 

  • Smart Tracking. 

  • Perimeter Protection. 

  • Face Detection. 

  • Managing Facial Databases. 

  • Responsive to security threats in real-time. 

Practical Applications of Panotrack 

SPRO’s Panotrack is particularly suited for: 

  •  Monitoring city centres, parks, and public gatherings. 

  •  Protecting airports, seaports, and power plants. 

  •  Ensuring safety in malls, car parks, and large retail spaces. 

  •  Offering advanced surveillance in gated communities and large residential complexes. 


Further Application:

Casinos are large, crowded spaces with multiple areas of interest, including gaming tables, slot machines and cashier areas. The Panotracks 180 or 360-degree panoramic views provide an unobstructed, sweeping surveillance capability, allowing security teams to monitor the entire casino floor simultaneously. 

This ensures that all activities, from gaming to guest interactions are under constant surveillance. 

The Panotrack Range boasts precise tracking capabilities and an advanced splicing algorithm, ensuring seamless panoramic coverage for comprehensive and reliable surveillance across diverse settings. 

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