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SPRO Active Deterrence & Acupick 2.0 IP Turret Cameras - White

SKU: DHIPD50/28LRW/30-D-V4
  • Key Features

    • 5 megapixel
    • H.265
    • 2.8mm Lens
    • Up to 30m LED distance (smart LED)
    • Up to 30m IR distance (smart LED)
    • Microphone built-in (audio over CAT5e cable)
    • 120dB WDR
    • IP67 waterproof
    • DC 12V/POE
  • Special Features

    • Active Deterrence 2.0
    • AcuPick Technology
    • Colour Night 2.0
    • Two-way-audio
    • AI PRO
    • SMD 3.0 
    • Intrusion (human & vehicle classification)
    • Tripwire (human & vehicle classification)
    • Audio over CAT5e
  • Description

    Introducing the SPRO Smart Dual Illumination Active Deterrence camera series, meticulously crafted to proactively deter crime. These cutting-edge cameras boast red and blue flashing lights, a two-way audio system with a built-in speaker, pre-recorded messages to enhance security measures and now includes AcuPick technology.


    At the heart of AcuPick Technology lies its advanced AI algorithms, capable of rapidly locating any specified human or vehicle within video recordings. With just a click, AcuPick leaps into action, scanning the system and compiling every appearance of the target captured by its cameras, turning hours of searching into seconds. 


    Equipped with ColourNight 2.0 technology, our cameras redefine nighttime surveillance by capturing vivid, full-colour images in low-light conditions. The innovative inclusion of white light LEDs ensures optimal scene illumination.

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