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  • Key Features

    • H.265
    • 5M-N recordings @ 10fps, 1080 @ 15fps
    • Supports up to 5M-N on extra IP channels
    • P2P (no port forwarding required
    • Supports audio over co-ax
    • PTZ control over co-ax
    • IP audio over CAT5e
  • Special Features

    • AI PRO
    • SMD+
    • Perimeter protection
    • Intrusion (human & vehicle classification)
    • Face detection
    • Two-way-audio
  • Description

    Elevate your security system with the SPRO B5 5MP –Lite DVR. This DVR is designed for versatility. With enhanced AI capabilities. Utilise Smart Motion Detection Plus to reduce false alarms and Perimeter Protection for advanced intrusion detection. Keep your property secure with additional features such as Face Detection, Intrusion and Tripwire analytics. This device also supports 2-way audio for interactive communication and PTZ control to manoeuvre cameras remotely. The SPRO B5 offers the flexibility to connect an additional IP cameras via the local network for comprehensive surveillance coverage. 

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