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  • Key Features

    • H.265
    • Up to 4K (8MP) live viewing & recording
    • 4K@7fps, 5MP@12fps, 4MP@15fps, 1080@25fps
    • Supports up to 8MP an extra IP channels
    • P2P (no port fowarding required)
    • 4K HDMI (3840x2160) & VGA
    • Smart fan
  • Special Features

    • AI PRO
    • SMD+
    • Perimeter protection
    • Intrusion (human & vehicle classification)
    • Face detection
    • Face recognition
    • Two-way-audio
  • Description

    The SPRO B6 8MP 5in1 with AI combines advanced technology with a sleek design. Featuring Intrusion, Tripwire, Face Detection, Perimeter Protection, and Smart Motion Detection Plus all provide superior security and monitoring capabilities.

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