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SPRO 9MP All-in-one IR AI Traffic Camera

  • Key Features

    • GS-CMOS image sensor.
    • 4096 × 2160@50 fps.
    • Video compression standards: H.265, H.264M, H.264H and MJPEG.
    • A camera, illuminator, radar and more combined in one.
    • 850 nm IR illumination.
  • Description

    With its high-performance AI processor, 9MP All-in-one IR AI Traffic
    Camera delivers high quality images even in the toughest weather
    conditions. For monitoring, it uses deep learning algorithms and GSCMOS image sensors with a wide dynamic range and a high frame rate, making it ideal for traffic scenarios.


    The IR illuminators supplement light when the camera captures license plates without using the external flashing light or strobe, significantly reducing light pollution. A radar is also built into the device, allowing it to measure vehicle speed and sense data from a wide range of perspectives.

  • Spec sheet

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