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SPRO 2MP IP Flame Detection

  • Key Features

    • 2 megapixel
    • 4mm visible focal length
    • 1.2mm thermal focal length
    • Up to 15m IR distance
    • Flame detection with adjustable sensitivity
    • Flame detection distance: 10m x 10m
    • Alarm siren
    • Tracking flame position
    • Alarm: 1 in & 1 out
    • 2 way audio
    • IP66 waterproof
    • DC12V/PoE
  • Special Features

    • Flame detection
  • Description

    SPRO’s Flame Detection Camera is a powerful tool in next generation fire prevention.


    Using advanced AI Technology, the camera can detect the smallest flicker of a flame, giving advanced warning even before most conventional fire alarm systems have sounded.


    This camera is a comprehensive safety tool effective in high risk of fire environments such as warehouses handling highly flammable materials, server rooms, recycling centres, libraries and archive rooms, shopping malls, etc.


    The full flame detection functionality on this camera will only work with SPRO A6, A7 and A8 NVRs.

  • Spec sheet

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