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SPRO ColourNight2.0 Analogue Turret Cameras - Grey

  • Key Features

    • 5 / 8 megapixel
    • 2.8 mm lens
    • Microphone built-in
    • Warm light range: up to 40m
    • IR range: up to 40m
    • Metal housing
    • IP67 waterproof
    • DC12V/PoE
  • Special Features

    •  Colour Night 2.0
    • Audio over cable
    • Starlight
  • Description

    The SPRO ColourNight range of cameras are designed to allow the camera to see full colour images at night. These cameras feature white light LEDs that illuminate the scene.


    The second generation SPRO ColourNight cameras also have built-in IR. This IR can produce standard black and white night images throughout the night, freeing up the white light LED to only activate when it detects motion - causing a security light effect. However, the cameras can still be used in the same way as the previous generation - with its white light on continuously throughout the night - if needed.

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