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  • Key Features

    • H.265 codec recording
    • Up to 12 megapixel live viewing & recording
    • 4 / 8 channel PoE built-in
    • Up to 80Mbps incoming bandwidth (DHIPNVR04-A5)
    • Up to 144Mbps incoming bandwidth (DHIPNVR08-A5)
    • P2P (no port forwarding required)
    • All channels support audio over CAT5e cable
    • PTZ control over CAT5e cable (3D positioning)
    • Push notification
    • HDMI (4K) & VGA
  • Special Features

    • AI PRO
    • SMD+
    • Perimeter protection
    • Intrusion (human & vehicle classification)
    • Tripwire (human & vehicle classification)
    • Two-way-audio
    • Smart fan
  • Description

    This SPRO A5 4 Channel can support up to 12MP resolution.

    Stacked full of features, it comes equipped with AI for face detection and recognition, enhancing security accuracy.

    Perimeter protection, featuring intrusion detection, tripwire detection, and fast-moving detection, alerts you to potential breaches.

    The SMD Plus feature ensures precise human and vehicle motion detection, minimising false alarms.

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